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Personalised and Subsidised Equine Therapy

Subsidised Mental Health Support

Our grant subsidised programmes can be accessed free at the point of use.

Project Pony

Project Pony is a three month long programme of mental health support designed to help people overcome trauma and improve their mental wellbeing.

During the programme people will be offered the chance to participate in reflective and confidence building equine activities. These are designed to provide people with the tools to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, begin healing their trauma and to become more resilient. Participants will interact with our animals, many of whom have been rescued, sharing their journey with them. The sessions teach individuals about being present in each moment, analysing sensory experiences, emotional agility and understanding horse body language which provides a reflection of their own emotional state. We will facilitate you to move forward into a happier, more productive life.

Over time, the healing process allows individuals to free themselves from feelings of self-doubt, fear and anger, letting them move forward into a happier, more productive life.

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Personal and Private Sessions

Therapy sessions

Struggling with your mental wellbeing or not experiencing progress through traditional cognitive-behaviour therapies and counselling services? We can offer private Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) sessions specifically tailored to your needs and designed to guide you to a place of self-awareness and psychological healing. We aim to help people develop long-term resilience and wellbeing. We have specific expertise in improving mood-disorders, PTSD, grief processing and overcoming the psychological legacy of trauma, neglect and abuse.

Sessions are usually an hour long.

Parent and family sessions

Being a parent is challenging and families of every configuration sometimes need a bit of extra support and guidance to build a contented, calm and supportive home life that prioritises mental wellbeing. Our family sessions are tailored to your family’s needs and will help you to achieve the family bond and home environment you desire.

Sessions are usually an hour long.