The stress of caring for coronavirus patients during the pandemic left NHS nurse, Amanda looking for answers. She considered how she was meant to combat her trauma alongside the strain of working in the NHS. As an intensive care sister, she has had both personal and professional battles to face during the pandemic, due to the virus. She was on an emotional roller-coaster. Knowing that she needed to learn how to process her trauma, she contacted THE WAY OF THE HORSE & enrolled in our groundbreaking PROJECT PONY programme which has been featured on BBC NEWS.

Amanda found instantly that the horses could identify when she wasn’t calm or collected and when her stress levels were high. Horses are incredible at helping her to reset herself and move forward in a calm and compassionate way. This programme taught her how to understand her emotions through identifying and regulating her feelings to be around the horses. In her own words:

“Before the programme, I was in a bad emotional state, but this programme has been amazing in teaching me about the science and psychologically based theory to demonstrate the benefits of regulating my emotions. It has given me the tools to help me to understand my feelings and trauma from the pandemic and it has given me tools to manage my emotions moving forward in my life. Now, I can regulate my emotions caused by the trauma of the pandemic and can identify when my stress levels are particularly high. The programme gave me the skills that I couldn’t find through traditional therapies. It offered an alternative and an escape from the difficulties of day-to-day life in the NHS.”  – Amanda




We are an equine-assisted personal development business based in Leire, Lutterworth that has been running funded and fee-paying programmes for young people and adults for over 5 years.  Our programmes are a unique blend of equine knowledge (biological and neuroscientific), applied psychotherapy, somatic experiencing and meditative practices.In addition to their equine-assisted therapy business, The Way Of The Horse already has one on-line wellbeing product (Highway To Healing) which is an 8-week intensive course designed to empower the client with tools and techniques to move beyond their trauma and to embrace life. Highway To Healing was developed through the work undertaken with users of their flagship, National Lottery funded programme, ‘ Project Pony’.


Road To Recovery has been developed from our National Lottery Community Fund work, because we noticed that many people who were attending the programme were not able to work due to mental health challenges and stress-related issues.

The aim of Road To Recovery is to support the wellbeing of people who are currently absent from work by teaching proven relaxation and regulatory techniques.  We have successfully worked with NHS nurses, police officers, teachers, psychotherapists and people in a range of businesses. We have helped them to manage their emotions, restore their sense of wellbeing and return to jobs and careers.

The programme is run online in groups of 3-6 over three sessions by three qualified practitioners with experience in therapeutic personal development.  We also have a longer, more in-depth programme that runs for 8 weeks, designed to help people who need extra support and may be presenting with additional needs associated with trauma.

Road To Recovery is designed to provide a taste of the full Highway To Healing programme and to support people who are in need of a wellbeing boost. The programme features proven relaxation and regulatory techniques that have been externally evaluated.  We have successfully worked with NHS nurses, police officers, teachers, psychotherapists and people in a range of businesses. We have helped them to manage their emotions, restore their sense of wellbeing and feel invigorated and positive again.

We rigorously evaluate our programmes to demonstrate the impact of our programmes on anxiety, depression, resilience and emotional intelligence. We can share our externally evaluated results and demonstrate the impact of our programmes on anxiety, depression, resilience and emotional intelligence. Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy of our latest report.

The Schedule

Day 1

In this session we will explore the effects of anxiety and stress on the body and mind. As you learn about your Emotion Scale and stress response you will realise these negative emotions do not serve you.

Day 2

This session will focus on self care. We will take part in activities to relax and calm the mind with the 5 senses meditation. We will look at ways to wellness which you can incorporate into your busy life right now. 

Day 3

This session will focus on creating a vision and goal setting.  Starting with what is important to you and what you want to achieve, we look at what might be holding you back. Limiting beliefs such as fear, guilt and lack of confidence can stop you in your tracks. We gently tackle those beliefs so that by the end of the session you will have a clear plan of what your goals are and how to move forward in a meaningful way.

Our Facilitators

Dina Shale is the founder of The Way of the Horse. Having survived PTSD and trauma herself, Dina decided she wanted to help other survivors so went on her own learning journey. She trained with Linda Kohenov’s team who traveled the world teaching how personal development and horses come together. ‘The magic of seeing people’s lives change is what drives me to help more people’ says Dina. ‘We are all on a journey and part of mine is to help people uncover the authentic part of their spirit and reignite their soul.’ Dina has a way with people and horses that when it’s bought together creates a learning experience with a difference. She uses a blend of equine knowledge (biological and neuroscientific), counselling applied psychotherapy, somatic experiencing and meditative practices along with trauma informed training.

Listen to Dina’s enlightening insights here:

Lindsay Eve has recently qualified as a Master NLP practitioner. She has over 12 years experience of working with people to improve their mental health and wellbeing and is a Mental Health First Aid trainer. Her focus is on goal setting and putting plans into place to make positive change.

Programme Fee

The programme is run as an online retreat over three session days.

Each place costs £299 but we are offering discounts for a larger cohort from individual companies on first come first serve basis.

*If the individual or group is from a key worker category like NHS NURSES then we are able to offer a discount on the overall cost.





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